Register for this workshop series starting on April 1 offered through NISO!  Looking forward to some hands on, experiential, and engaging experience with a group of colleagues that want to solve and discuss their own library assessment projects and work towards making progress.  We are offering the NISO series on 21st Century Assessment in a new format, cohort based, engaging, and participatory.  We want to discuss and address the real issues, our webinar participants have and use the cohort based experience for learning and growth.  Come and play with us, have fun, and continue to learn from the amazing amount of content that has been produced on library research and assessment the last year.  Register now!  COVID-19 has provided opportunities for content to be produced and made available in an unprecedented way.  Beyond the rich content of the 24 webinars offered through NISO in the last three years (201820192020), the full set of 2020 Library Assessment Conference Presentations are now available on YouTube, as well as many other useful presentations through RIPL (Research Institute for Public Libraries) Data Boot Camp and the IRDL (Institute for Research Design in Librarianship) Speaker Series. Our goal is to create opportunities for reflection and engagement with this and related content in order to improve the assessment practice in the participating libraries, and to support assessment practitioners and administrators. In addition to the weekly 60-minute facilitated sessions, participants will spend 60 minutes preparing some reflections and content to share with the larger group each week. As in the past, this training series will be facilitated by Martha Kyrillidou, who will also provide interactive exercises to be used for improving assessment practice in your library.