2020 was the year COVID-19 happened. We regret the loss of life we witnessed and we honor those who are not with us any more.

As we reflect on the year past, the moment our lives changed due to COVID-19 comes to mind. In March, as I was ready to fly to Fairbanks, Alaska, I receive a phone call to cancel the trip.  We were fortunate that we were able to continue our work. Our work continued virtually for the rest of the year and we continued to do great work with libraries working virtually.  We have enjoyed working all the way from the US Virgin Islands to Alaska, from the tropics to the arctic zone.

I learned that there are more than three time zones in the US and that the exception is not only Hawaii. Did you know that the US Virgin Islands are on the Atlantic Time Zone for part of the year? They wake up an hour earlier and they do not change to daylight savings time. Did you know that Alaska consolidated to two time zones – Alaska Time and Hawaii-Aleutian Time – in 1983 to put the state capitol, Juneau, on the same time zone as the more populated Anchorage and Fairbanks (and to make doing business with companies in the Lower 48 states a little easier)?

Did you know that about 100,000 people live in three different islands in the US Virgin Islands?  St Thomas, St Croix, and St John.

Did you know that about a million people live in the state of Alaska that is about 1/5 the size of the continental US? Flying over Alaska is as if you fly over a sea of trees.

Our work continues in Fairbanks as we keep looking for the aurora of libraries.

We wish you find your own aurora in the new year; you find happiness; and you find prosperity!

Here’s where you can find the forecast for the aurora .  This is the most heavily used page at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks!

Stay healthy!  Stay safe!  Stay sane!