The LRRT Webinar on Collaborative Research stretched my own thinking in this area as I was trying to link the threads of different collaborative projects I led over the years (slides from my presentation are available here and the recording will be available soon). Really delighted I had the opportunity to reflect on these issues!  Thank you LRRT and Karen Kaufman!

Announcement of the event prior to the webinar:

April LRRT Webinar 2022-23 series  –  Friday, April 21, at 1 pm (CT). The theme for our 2022-23 Webinar Series is –  Collaborative Research!

Webinar Title: Collaborative library transformations for the 21st Century

Description: This presentation will focus on ways we support collaborative research by bringing together diverse communities in our library environments for public libraries and academic libraries. We will discuss ways to support information needs across the lifespan as well as across interdisciplinary perspectives both in physical and digital library environments through collaboration and the pursuit of new knowledge and practice. The presentation will highlight case studies of library collaborations in collections, services, and spaces and engage the audience in discussing trends and practices in library collaborations that are useful in their local environments. Martha Kyrillidou has engaged in projects that involve both public and academic libraries as a library consultant and the case studies will draw upon her experiences.

Speaker:  Martha Kyrillidou is the founder of QualityMetrics LLC (, a woman-owned library consulting firm with a focus on helping libraries achieve success. Martha consults in all types of libraries. Between 1994 and 2015, she worked for the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) where she established what is currently known as Research and Analytics, developing library assessment tools like LibQUAL+.

Martha has library credentials from the iSchools of Ohio and Illinois, including a master’s in library science from Kent State University and a Ph.D. in library and information science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She has served as the PI and co-PI as well as external evaluator on more than a dozen grants from IMLS, NSF, NCES, and the Department of Education. Martha received the 2005 LRRT Four Star Research Award.